Egyptian Memoir

As part of this weeks #Phonar workshop I was asked by Jonathan Worth to create multimedia piece exploring transformative storytellying. Using only archive material either personal (Family) or public archive sources, that has not been used for news circulation.

I chose a personal set of photographs from a family member and a major turning point in world history. His vision one that purely ameture, but looking back stylistically has the feeling of photojournalistic approach of the 50/60/70s .

 Serving in the British Forces between 1916-1918.  A man from a ‘The worlds biggest coal mining town’ Ashington in Northumberland,  Egypt in 1917 must have seemed a world away. Yet he recorded with beauty the things he found interesting and important, both socially and politically, while sadly wishing he could be anywhere but where he was.

This piece is not the final draft and is to be revisited, replacing some of text with voice overs.

Images © Aaron Guy

Design & Soundscape created by Aaron Guy with sounds found on

WW1 information via links below John Robson is family information. Eden to Armageddon: World War I in the Middle East (9781605980911): Roger Ford: Books;jsessionid=EAD37F9E967AD3D22B9A46EB8C35FEE9.inst2_2b?docId=102058263

Unseen Films: Blood And Oil: The Middle East In World War One (2006)

YouTube – World War I: Middle Eastern Theatre 1/4

YouTube – World War I: Middle Eastern Theatre 2/4

YouTube – World War I: Middle Eastern Theatre 3/4

YouTube – World War I: Middle Eastern Theatre 4/4

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4 Responses to Egyptian Memoir

  1. Nice project piece.
    The text was just a little too fast at the beginning for me though, or perhaps I just read slowly!


    • Aaron Guy says:

      Harpreet thank you,
      I agree with the text I am currently trying to adjust this problem.
      If I extend time for reading it then looses sync with sound so I am
      trying to build a voice over.

      Open to suggestions


  2. Bridget Kennedy says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Very interesting work. I hope we can meet at some point. Mair Hughes and myself are about to undertake some research in the Mining Institute for a visual arts project we have developed entitled “Utopian Realism’

    Please get in touch I think there may be some interesting overlaps between our project and your commission.


    Bridget Kennedy

    • Aaron Guy says:

      Hi Bridget,

      Apologies on such a late response,
      It would be grand to meet you both.

      I am intrigued by the title “Utopian Realism” and the project
      you are undertaking. A cuppa and a chat would probably be the key.

      feel free to drop me an email


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