An engineers record #1.

The theme of this post will be split into two parts this being the first.

Over the past week I have been looking at two sets of documentation both made for the same reason, to record the installation of a structure. One book is valued at auction house prices while the other would be deemed a scrap book, a simple family photo album containing an engineers visual record of the installation of a coal fired furnace in the Malaysia during the early 90s.  The photographer (engineer) has photographed all the key elements of the structure. By using montages the photographer has given the best view and vantage point.

This method is nothing new, I accept that but I certainly feel the photographer (unknown sadly) deserves a great deal of recognition for the level of creativity the work displays, I wonder if he was aware of the work of David Hockney or if the photographers’ way to over came a series of problems of vantage point and perspective was a logical method of shooting with a compact camera to create these images?


Images © NEMIPA

Part two: The construction documentation of the Eiffel Tower (Once I work out how to scan such a large book).

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